how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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John Tancock

Maybe you’d want to represent my case more accurately. Strawmen only serve the interests of falsehood. Size is utterly irrelevant. If you want to make it relevant, then knock yourself out. In non-Christian countries Christians are in the minority…does that have any bearing on the truthfulness of their message? YOur logic is shocking.

If you don’t know of any revivification in your area, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening in other areas to an observable extent. Unless you’re a solipsist.

‘Our types’ of churches are generally doing well, to describe me as a tradiionalist is to not know me very well. I am a trinitarian by biblical conviction not ‘tradition’. Our Churches are not on ‘life support’!

I’ve read and seen enough of your stuff to conclude that your a tradition primacist and your “biblical” support for the post-biblical fabrication of the trinity is extremely weak. Since that is the case and since persecution, brutality, political muscle and scare-mongering has been the standard employed by the Church to keep the 4th and 5th Centuries’ invention alive, this doctrine’s survival IS artificial and it IS on life support, and deserves to have its switch flipped.

Those who do not accept the faith or acknowledge Jesus as Lord and God are not going to be killed or vilified but they (like you) need to remove yourselves from fellowship in Evangelical churches (if yours really is one), therees plenty of room for you guys to start your own, just dont do it inside ours.

You sound like a record-player that got stuck. Jesus being Lord and God for me is different from what it is to you. You default to your cherished doctrine and I don’t. But don’t care about that… Ignore us - we’re too few and far between to be of any notice to you guys…we’re harmless anyway…:-)