how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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ah Jaco….. it is you that emphasised the ‘revivication’….. so I mentioned I cant see it anywhere (Im reasonably aware of whats going on around the world).

Buzzard one of your major voices was discredited in that debate and I have read your further links that add nothing to it. Also there is an unusual insecurity even a desperation I see amonst the new unitarians. One example is the use by Buzzard of a supposed letter from FF Bruce probably the finest Conservative scholr of the 20th c and probably of all scholars. This letter which cant be revealed apparantly shows FFB as supporting anti trinitarian views. I have never heard anything so daft in all my life. I know the works of FFB and right up to his death he was ‘orthodox’. Things like this weaken the unitarian cause desperately and discredit the movement. There is no revivication just a few people who change thier views.

Far more of an issue are the JWs because of thier size (7 million) even though thier growth is flatlining . The new unitarians are loud and vociferous but of little consequence. They have been seen examined and found wanting. If I were you and you are right its an evenagelical church then I wd leave before eviction. But do it because of integrity and credibility.

This involvement by me Cheryl et al isnt about you though its about Andrew so i await his clarification about his position