how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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If some of your heroes deny certain central tenets of your orthodoxy, that’s a problem you folks have to deal with. No one says FFB was Unitarian. He was at least honest enough to admit where YOU poor wishful deluded folk were too desperate in locating a Mohammed in the bible where there was none. (I mean trinity; equally absurd).

You traditionalists have been the desperate folk. Oppression, coercion, and brutality are the epitome of desperation. Your denialism is blazingly evident. The revivification is seen in the reexamining of orthodox inherited doctrine and I had the Emergent Church specifically in mind. But we’re harmless and we’re too few to be of any effect. So you can sleep on peacefully. Maybe you can get some comfort from dreaming about the good ol’ days when your Church was the feared mind-contol cult in its hayday…