how to tell the biblical story in a way that makes a difference

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I appreciate again you taking the time to reply. There surely are some very different perspectives you and I hold regarding the nature of creation, resurrection, and what all that entails. I see the healing of the nations, the river of life, the tabernacle of God, etc. all being the spiritual healing that comes after the removal of the illegitamate son (Ishmael, Gal 4) at the judgment in AD70 and full establishment of the new covenant arrangment where there is neither Jew nor Gentile. At that point the one body that Paul described in Eph 2-4, with the one new temple being built, was complete and open for business (the gates open always). The new temple construction was complete and now there is no hinderance from the old law and temple cultus to prevent entry to the nations. This seems to be what Ezekiel and Isaiah were seeing. I understand the dilimma you see in Isa 65 and death, but again I think that it is wrong to understand that “literally” when in fact it is OT apocalyptic languange that takes care in understanding. Norm and Rich both pointed out some excellent points on that imo. Isaiah 24-27 also shows the veil of death being removed at the destruction of the city which was none other than the judgment on the old covenant heavens and earth. I can understand you see this as beyond “covenant,” and I get that, because these words like covenant can sound limiting as if they have no other meaning or impact. Yes there is an affect upon us body soul and spirit, and it is a big subject and I don’t want to hijack your post.

Ultimately I really liked this post and I thank you for writing it, and hope you continue to write excellent material like this. Really liked your justification series too.

Have you heard of or read Beyond Creation Science by Martin and Vaughn? Though not a complete treatise on the subject, and likely will raise more questions than it answers, is an intriguing read.

Be blessed!