Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o’er all the earth…

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I agree that Rome is in view in Rev 13-19. It seems rather clear to me that the Harlot city, Babylon, is Jerusalem who is riding on top of the beast Rome. Jerusalem is the one filled with all the blood of the prophets since the earth began (Rev. 18:24; Matt. 23:35). The beast turns on Jerusalem and destroys her. Then the beast (corporate symbol of Rome) and the false prophet (corrupt leaders in Israel) are then burned (the shattering of the covenantal authority of all the beasts that were over old covenant Israel per Daniel 2 - they all fall at once when the rock destroys the entire metal man image, an image of covenant jurisdiction over Israel - see Matt. 21:40-45 for collorary).

Andrew I don’t know who you can say that the things in Rev 21-22 are not in the OT. Isaiah 65, 66, Psalms 116:8, Isa. 62, Isa. 60:11, Ezekiel 47, Zech. 14, Isa 24-27, etc. Those are just a few of the OT background texts of Rev. 21-22. Another thing, is that Rev. 21-22 doesn’t depict the eradication of all evil and sin in a literal physical sense, but the spiritual covenantal eradication (the presense of everlasting righteousness) within the new covenant city Jerusalem to which they had already come (Heb. 12, Gal. 4). This is the same picture Ezek. 47 presents with the gradual increase of the flow of the river out of the newly constructed Temple, and the river goes everywhere and brings fresh water and life where it goes, but there are swampy salty marsh areas that do not regenerate. The picture is the same in Rev. 21-22, because there still are unregenerate outside the city who are invited to come in and wash their robes. The gates of the city are open continually and the invitation to enter is given. That doesn’t fit your situation as the final defeat of all sin and evil. Sin and evil do exist after the judgment of Rev 20 and the arrival of the new heavens and earth (see. Rev. 21:22-27; 22:14-15).