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Thanks Andrew and Phil, good thoughts…

I do indeed take a prêteristic view on “kosmos” BUT NOT to the exclusion of all else. I do however view “kosmos” in certain contexts as leaning more to Israel as being of a first-order primal understanding or focus… particularly as Phil notes in the “distinctly Johannine sense of the word. The kosmos has a distinctively ethical slant to it (John 15:18-25 is one example).” This world that was opposed to Jesus was the old covenant world and that was the world (nation) hindering the broader creation from knowing its Creator.

Thus I’m inclined to read “world” in the likes of Jn1:29 and Jn 3:16 as primarily Israel-centric with the broader creation only then in a secondary sense. What Christendom has universally globalised I see as more targeted. I think the expanse of Paul’s horizon with regards to kosmos was more deliberately further inclusive. What Jesus was doing for Israel the firstfruit saints or ‘Body of Christ’ further did on behalf of the broader world… these were the “greater works” Jesus spoke of; not in terms of magnitude but in breadth of scope.

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