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I think Rabens is right here. Its probably referring to all believers here. Seems like a stretch to limit it to only the Jewish apostles, and if you continue to follow this argument through to its logical conclusion, it would basically limit the resurrection only to the Jewish apostles as well in that passage. But maybe you hold to that. Still Romans 8:28-30 is saying something very similar and seems to be referring to all believers. In 2 Cor 5:17-18 he uses “new creation” language for “anyone” who is in Christ. In 6:14-18 he states that believers are now God’s dwelling/Temple, and that we cleanse ourselves of defilement in the act of “bringing holiness to completion”. Romans 9:23-24 explicitly states gentiles were “prepared in advance *for glory*”. Christ is the perfect image of God according to Paul, and it follows very reasonably that if we have that same Spirit of God/Christ indwelling us, convicting us, teaching us, etc., helping us to be obedient and be more like Christ, that we are being conformed into that same image. I see no reason to drive a wedge between all believers and the apostles here.

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