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Thanks again for the emphasis on narrative. I am just over half way through reading the TNK in Hebrew and writing it in English. So far I have not used atonement, or soul, or repent as glosses. They are so far down the dogmatic rabbit-hole I can’t reach them. I haven’t missed Tyndale’s coinage. I find cover-price as a gloss a perfect substitution and easier to grasp in a local context. I find mercy-seat a perfect idea of approach and entry into holiness without having to imagine violence accomplishing love. (But I am not finished yet.)

I like your image of finding a place to hang a thought. Theology as laundry! :)

What is true about this dogma is that it got me going about 45 or 50 years ago to realize that I myself don’t measure up to the so called good thoughts that I consider should be my basis for behaviour. Now I find in Scripture a call to actually behave as a responsible creature. That is enough. I was called. I am responding. I am still full of compromise. But I have a call into kindness that I may achieve … I cannot prejudge the end, but at the bottom of the box is hope.

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