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Submitted by Alex F on  Fri, 12/01/2017 - 21:11

Thank you for your work, Andrew.

It seems contemporary Christians want a Jesus who saves from eternal damnation and/or who teaches a timeless ethics. In those two ways Jesus becomes relevant to us today.

Part of the reason we want Jesus to be primarily an ethical teacher is because we have a distaste for the ethical visions found in his scriptures, the Hebrew Bible. The doctrine of Jesus’ deity, alongside his “new” ethic, relieves some of this tension because Jesus is able to get the record straight about God’s character. The conclusion can be drawn, for instance, that since Jesus teaches non-violence, God himself rejects violence.

So then if we see Jesus within an apocalyptic context, not as a ethcal reformer of Judaism but as a prophet of coming historical judgement and renewal, what does the Bible have to say about how Christians should live today? Does the Old Testament have things to say about the ethical life that the New doesn’t or can’t?

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