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peter wilkinson | Mon, 06/24/2019 - 20:01 | Permalink

A fascinating summary, a lot of which I agree with. Where I don’t, I’m sticking to my responses in the first two links, which didn’t draw out any comment.

3. is a major area of divergence of opinion. I think Paul in the NT shouts it from the rooftops: the Gentiles are included as the new covenant people of God on equal terms with believing Jews, by believing in Jesus’s atonement for their sins as well as the Jews’. 

I also think (4.) that Paul makes it quite clear that God’s covenant with his people, preceding but including Jews, has not failed. If Romans 11, the conclusion of this argument, had been about failure, in full knowledge of a less than national turning to the messiah Jesus, why would he have ended with a doxology? “All Israel” would be saved, and the mechanism is described in that chapter, even though national salvation had been ruled out earlier in the argument. Not all descended from Israel are Israel. 

6, 7 & 8 agreed with, I think!

The summary is good, and the links helpful — if only in reminding me how I responded when I disagreed.

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