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As usual, thank you for you comprehensive answers. Your answer to question #4 brings me here. Allow me to entertain a simple sketch of chiasmus for the grand narrative.

A Creation

B          Adam and Eve till the time of flood 

C                  Flood with a new creation

D                             Babel, disperse of the nations

E                                       Promises to Abraham 

F                                                         Moses-Israel

F’                                                        Jesus- new people of God

E’                                     Jesus raised to be Lord of all nations, promises fulfilled

D’                           Christendom, one nation under God

C’                (Some kind of events involving nature)

B’        (Can’t imagine what would this be)

A’ Final new creation

Your anthropocene fits well with that event involving nature which you mostly think will be some kind of crisis, but I think men’s struggle with nature could also result in something more positive.

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