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Apart from the name of a Greek goddess, Gaia is also the term given to James Lovelock’s ideas about the interrelatedness of all aspects of planet earth as a “self regulating system”. The theory sheds light on belief in a divinely created world and our relation to it, if we paid attention to it. That is not what the article has in view, but I think some awareness of Lovelock’s ideas might have helped to create a more rounded view (or probably not!).

I have probably overreacted to the article, but I felt it was misconceived to be playing down the importance of climate change at this particular moment in time.

I certainly reacted to the facebook post which accompanied the article. Without that, I might have been more moderate in tone, if not in my sense of the church (or CT as a significant voice within it) almost completely almost missing the point, and conveying a message to the world that it exists in a bubble remote from the lives of ordinary people.

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