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You are so right. How did I not notice that? It’s odd that Christian Today has a name which so resembles its more well known US counterpart.

I’ve also come across some of the main contributing editorial team before, and they don’t inspire confidence. Quite what Rowan Williams and Ruth Gledhill are doing there I don’t know.

I don’t find much if anything at all to criticise in the Gaia exhibition details, and certainly not idolatry. I doubt if the Mayor of Norwich meant Mother Earth in anything other than a vaguely metaphorical sense.  

Statements like 

To declare the climate an “emergency” and “the defining issue of our time and the greatest threat to our well-being, globally and locally” is to follow the zeitgeist, not the Bible or the facts.

are undoubtedly seen by many outside the church, if they bother to pay it any attention at all, as confirming not only its irrelevance, but as an actively negative force in relation to current times. How can such a declaration not be both biblical and factual (unless you misuse biblical quotations and references as C.T. does)? Who on earth reads this publication? 

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