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The “crooked generation” is tēs genes tēs skolias. For skolios BDAG suggests a connotation of “morally bent or twisted, crooked, unscrupulous, dishonest.” That would indicate corruption rather than violence, I think. And note Deuteronomy 32:4-5:

God—his works are genuine, and all his ways are justice. A faithful god, and there is no injustice, a righteous and holy Lord; blemished children, not his, have sinned, a generation, crooked (genea skolia) and perverse.

And Jesus seems to make reference in quite general terms to a “evil and adulterous generation.”

The saying about the kingdom of God suffering violence is notoriously difficult to interpret (Matt. 11:12), but in context isn’t it more likely that it is the violence suffered by the prophets, etc., that is in view, not violence against Rome?

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