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To the extent that the people of Israel in AD30 thought that the man riding up to Jerusalem was, or had pretensions to be, Israel’s next king, I think it’s highly probable that many of them were thinking in terms of these historical precedents…

Are there really “historical precedents” for a king riding peacefully on an ass into Jerusalem in clear evocation of Zechariah’s prophecy? Those bent on violence would normally retreat to the hills (cf. Judas Maccabeus), build up a fighting force, and then launch an attack on Rome.

In John 11:47-48 the emphasis is on the fact that Jesus “performs many signs,” not on the possibility of insurrection. Wouldn’t that point to divine rather than human action?

But yes, I imagine there would have been better antecedents than a war-mongering king of Israel—Matthew’s genealogy also goes back through Josiah.

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