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Rogier Bos | Fri, 06/10/2011 - 20:47 | Permalink

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for this article. I found it a clear summation of your (recent?) thinking.

A couple of follow-up questions:

  • So was the conversion of Constantine and the edict of Milan the culmination of the Kingdom? Is that where thye people of God werer transformed and finally did no0t have to fear being conquered?
  • Do you believe it is wrong, theologically speaking, to now use the term ‘The Kingdom of God’ as the source of our motivation and vision — in small scattered parts for now, and in grand, all encompassing manner in the future?
  • You do refer to ‘God making all things new’ — an event evangelicals tended to call ‘the coming of the Kingdom in all its fulness.’ What do you call that now?
  • If the Kingdom came with ‘the transformation of God’s people’ is it still here now. Did it leave after a while?
  • I am confused about Israel’s part. You state ‘the family of Abraham was transformed’. Yet Israel was destroyed and the church that emerged victorious from 300 years of struggle was largely non-Jewish. In your view, is Israel’s part over? Is the church the new Israel?

Ok - some questions from a sligthly confused mind…

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