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Great Questions Ro…

Greetings Andrew!


One question I have surrounds your idea that the kingdom of God CAME.  That sounds very past tense.  By that do you mean the kingdom was “birthed” and is developing/growing/expanding?  I am guessing not, but am seeking clarity.   From your writings I am gleaning that you think the kingdom has come in its fullness.  But perhaps I am reading you wrong?


Similar to Ro, I am curious as to whether or not you think Constantine (and his dictates) ushered in the kingdom?  Do you think God use Constantine to bring about the fullness of God’s kingdom?


Finally, I am curious about this quote:
“But because the kingdom of God came in this way, the people of God now operates securely under the lordship of Christ.”  Just to clarify… do you mean that the kingdom came through Constantine and due to this historical event we now operate securely under the lordship of Christ?  If yes, I have to ask what was the cross for?  Was not the cross the historical event that allows us to operate securely under the lordship of Christ?


Thanks, my friend, for what I know will be thoughtful responses. Blessings, Christine



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