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Doug in CO | Tue, 09/06/2011 - 00:22 | Permalink

I agree completely that Jesus’ comments about Gehenna in the New Testament come essentially from Jeremiah and Isaiah.  This has been impossible to see for modern eschatological futurists because they have ignored the importance of the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD.  Jesus was warning the people listening to him that if they didn’t repent and follow him they would be burned up with the rest of the bodies during the national military disaster that he would bring on the nation for all the atrocities done to God’s people over the centuries, including his own martyrdom.

But for those concerned about “hell” (and Old English word that simply means “hidden”, and so a decent translatin of Sheol in its original sense), keep in mind that there is still the Lake of Fire from Revelation 20.  I consider Gehenna and the Lake of Fire to be two distinct events, with the Lake of Fire representing what most people think of as “hell”.  So, it’s not that there isn’t a final judgment with a destructive element, it’s just that it’s not called “hell”.

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