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Jon Paul | Fri, 05/05/2017 - 14:59 | Permalink

If you are claiming an exegetical knock out for Rob Bell, maybe you should include all the verses for discussion? For Isaiah it was literal and he talks about the “burning place” or Topheth referring to the valley of son of Hinnom, located just outside the gate of southern Jerusalem, where children were sacrificed in the fire to molech and baal and probably was a place where they also burned rubbish continually . Jeremiah renamed it later “Valley of Slaughter”. It was a literal place for Jeremiah also. In the greek Hinnom becomes gehenna.
Isaiah 30:33 Topheth has long been prepared;
it has been made ready for the king.
Its fire pit has been made deep and wide,
with an abundance of fire and wood;
the breath of the Lord,
like a stream of burning sulfur,
sets it ablaze.
It was literal for the Rabbi’s also, from this verse in Isaiah they opined that God created Hell on the 2nd day of creation.
It was literal for the Rabbis, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Jesus but not for you and Rob Bell?
Fear God.

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