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Hoping not to merely be bringing coals to Newcastle, I’d like to invoke Larry Hurtado’s name.  He is a Trinitarian (as evidenced by his confession in At the Origians of Christian Worship), and yet his writings on early Christianity (e.g. How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God and One God, One Lord) show no evidence of imposing that view on the earliest Christians.  On the contrary, he collects and orders the evidence finding that at most (in terms of searching for the Trinity) he finds a certain “two-ishness,” which, he says, the evidence does not yet allow him to describe much more fully than that.  His books call it a “binitarian” view but he has since said on his blog that he thinks “dyadic” would be an even  better term because it would carry even less “baggage.”

I think Hurtado therefore supplies a good model for doing just what you are doing in this post: calling for a fresh reading of the Scripture without imposing anachronistic views based on our theological dispositions.

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