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Andrew, this is an important post.  I warmly agree with much of what you say.  Restoring the corporate and structural dimensions of evangelism are an important step along the way to a more biblical ‘Roman Road’.  There are a number of related questions.  The latest flurry of interest in online evangelism raises concerns (at least my concerns) about ‘disembodied’ communication rather similar to a narrow theology of ‘soul winning’.  

Currently we are involved with ‘Walking Church’.  It is a fresh expression of church where the heartlands of faith happen in the walking.  Wood Green Mennonite Church is running (walking) a pilot, but we’re finding that the interest is growing.  Our experience with Walking Church highlights the relevance of the literal road and the value of slow evangelism.  In part this journeying approach enables us to connect the wider dimensions of evangelism (e.g. peacemaking and ecology) to a more accompanied, journeying approach to personal evangelism.   

For me the issue with Roman Road is not primarily that it is personal, but that it is yet another formula reaching for a decision at breathless haste. What that means for perceptions of Christian witness in a Post-Christendom culture is alarming.

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