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Thanks Andrew — this is great stuff.

I’ve been studying the minor prophets recently (trying to summarise them for a children’s talk!), and your statement that “The good news is not primarily that people can be saved but that the creator God is in charge” reminded me strongly of Habakkuk. My summary for this was “God is in control” (even though it may not look like it). It was God who sent the Babylonians to punish Judah, and then it was God who sent the Persians to punish the Babylonians.

In making the claim (from Habakkuk, to the 21st century congregation) that “God is in control”, I very much felt as you do that “we [don’t] have much of a clue how to make that outrageous claim in anything like a meaningful fashion in today’s world.” Our world sure doesn’t look like God is in control! The parable of the wheat and the tares is a partial answer, but not complete. Does God really just sit back, deist-style, and wait for the end of the universe? I don’t think so.

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