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M. Macomber | Fri, 10/05/2012 - 04:04 | Permalink

Something to think about:

Was reading a quote today by Mart De Haan from RBC Ministries that said this..."If we see the Bible as a handbook for solving our problems, rather than a revelation of God and the story of our rescue, its moral principles will seem like a cut flower...clipped from its stem and root."

Maybe what you are saying about the "Roman Road" is that it looks like a bunch of flowers in a vase clipped from it's roots.

Salvation, whether for an individual or a National, must have an intimate encounter with the Living Lord. There is a transaction where the Spirit of God bears witness to your spirit that you have passed from death to life. When that happens...the Bible becomes not just a book of facts or knowledge but a Revelation of God and Christ who gave himself for us.

Everything in the Bible, from beginning to end is a Revelation of the Triune God who reveals Himself through Christ who is not only our Sovereign Creator but our Savior, our Comforter, our Shepherd, our King, our Advocate, Intercessor, Deliverer, and the list goes on ...and on.

M. from VA

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