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Penguin | Sun, 04/07/2013 - 16:15 | Permalink

     I think if you’re going to pick the Roman Road theory apart, first you need to remember that it isn’t refering to “Roman Roads”. It’s a simple text giving the unbeliever a way to come to the cross in a way they will understand it so they can also come to know christ. Nothing more, nothing less. Baffling others with knowledge only discourages those who don’t understand. Basically, “KEEP IT SIMPLE” should be a rule. The milk of the Word. I am also an Evangelist, and have never tried to impress any knowledge on those that won’t, can’t, or don’t understand. I share the good news as I’m led by the Holy Spirit. Whether it’s in the grocery line, or in the back alleys of the city.

    Respectfully, your post may look and sound impressive. But I didn’t finished reading it because of the unsupported opinions that do absolutely nothing for the Kingdom of God or bringing the unsaved to the cross. It was confusing to the simple minded to say the least.

    Over time, I’ve learned to look at others through the eye’s of Jesus, rather than my own. By doing that, I can be of service to them and Christ, being useful for the Kingdom as best I can. Remember, just “KEEPING IT SIMPLE”, will draw others closer to God than our own carnal minds ever could…

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