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Andrew, I appreciate your apparent commitment to handling accurately the Word of truth. You are willing to challenge traditional and cherished uses (and abuses?) of Scripture. I also appreciate the patience and kindness of  your responses, even when people not only disagree with your ideas but become disagreeable towards you as a Christian. You are gentle and respectful.      I can’t say I grasp everything you are saying. I was trained in a historical-grammatical approach. How does that compare to your narrative-historical approach? I do sense that evangelicalism’s (me included) understanding of the gospel, evangelism and Christianity is infected with an unbiblical individualism. Is salvation more than the blessed assurance that we’ll go to heaven when we die? Surely the gospel is more than personal and individual, yet it applies to individuals personally and presently, as well as to people corporately (politically) and always. I am also affected by the times in which I live. For example, I am critical of postmodernism but I am not as discerning of modernism! The disciples show how our Lord Jesus can work in and through us in spite of our limitations.

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