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Interesting comments by all however when Relating to the unsaved or first time hearer of the Gospel , a simple explanation of scripture and the understandable need of coming to faith in Christ is Paramount.

Therefore for the one who needs salvation the Romans Road is a practical and simple to understand approach to help bring them to an understanding of a need to accept Christ and trust Him.

Once established in the Kingdom a further understanding of scripture can be developed in all of us. I have never yet had a conversation with a person that has not yet come to Christ that really wants to know the political background to scripture. 

However I do see people coming to Christ through simple and short thought provoking scripture that demands a response on their behalf.

The Romans Road is OK and ‘God meets us we we are at’ as it were. But He leads us on to a greater understanding as we get to know Him!

Be Blessed, one an all!


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