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This discussion is terrific and that there is such an interest is encouraging. If the subject matter is the public proclamation of the Gospel, then why not first look at what John the Baptist told people. He got his message from God the Father. John didnt preach whatever he felt like the “modern” people of his day would hear. In a nutshell his message was Repent for the savior is here and if you do not repent then He< the savior will gather you like a dried up twig and cast you into the fire that burns forever. “Repent and bring forth fruit meet for repentance” Christ “began to preach and to say repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” “Go ye and sin no more” Paul preached to Agrippa repentance. To Festus “Righteousness, temperance and judgement to come” all in the context of you have only two choices, repent or perish. Why try to use scriptues written for the edification of the saints in the setting forth of systematic theology to unbelievers? Do it the way it is modelled by John, Peter, Stephen, Jesus, and Paul. This same savior who died for you will cast your poor soul into the lake of fire if you reject him. Repent! Much love to the saints of God.

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