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The Bible is a multi-faceted book; it is God’s word “breathed” into the writers themselves.  Therefore, this is a book that has many layers or levels, like an onion.  Yes, it can be looked at in terms of the nations (Gentiles) versus the Jews.  But, it can also be looked at on a personal level as well, hence the individual way to salvation.  John 3:16 clearly states that those who believe in Jesus immediately receive eternal life.  This life begins the moment a person accepts Jesus as his/her Savior, understanding that Jesus is God’s only begotten son and that His death on the cross paid for all sins (past, present, future) of everyone who trusts in ONLY Jesus to give them salvation.  God accepted Jesus’ death as atonement for sin because Jesus never sinned while he lived on earth.  The Old Testament stated that “without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness.”  Jesus fulfilled the Law; before He came, the Law could only condemn people.

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