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Andrew, I always look at the person (believer) of unique quality(God created),in joy of the diversity,with which,HE made them for His purposes. The mind of Christ is impressive in its God given meditations and revelations.It is a mind that will receive the wisdom,knowledge,and understanding of the Triune God. The Word of God, Is always meant to glorify the Lord. I thank you for showing that perspective,and so it is said.The gospel should always reflect the precision,accuracy of the Truth of His Holiness in wholesomeness. It is to honor,glorify, in a service of worship(lifestyle), to present the Gospel in the proper context, and without adding, or taking away from it(altering it). Romans also states that the Jews rejected Christ so the Lord brought forth the Gospel of Christ to the Gentiles(spiritual-salvation). It also states that a veil was placed over the minds of the Jews until the full number of gentiles were brought to salvation(the Lord-personally,involved). The Lord is involved everywhere,He delights in the Macro,but also the micro,just because.We all, should declare the Lord as you have His position, power,and sovereignty, and proper spoken Gospel.I see,as others see it,about you,- this gift of a high mind. It is one thing, to speak out on what the Lord has revealed to you, and to bring it out,that’s the first part. The second part is show- us, a more excellent way of presentation, with your gift,- such as yours.Christ lead by example,as well (ex.-washing of feet),I know you can develop,a more excellent way,in my heart.We are all called to a striving after excellence, as if unto the Lord. We all have some part in the infinite plan of our Lord. God bless you.

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