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Romans Six | Fri, 04/10/2020 - 11:22 | Permalink

Romans 6 makes it clear the CHURCH at Rome had the death, burial and resurrection experience — that is repentance, baptism and new life (filled with the Spirit). The letter was written from Paul to the Church at Rome, that is to people who were already saved. This is not a letter to teach them how to receive the intial salvation experience. A direct question was answered in Acts about what one MUST do to be saved and it is replaced by man pulling out pieces of the scripture in Romans on how one is to be saved. Many a false teacher will be in Hell because of false and man made doctrine. The ‘Roman Road’ is a tradition of man. Why create a doctrine when the Bible makes clear via answering a direct question in Acts, and we see being followed in the scriptures. Too many also take the story of the thief on the cross to propagate mouth conversion. The veil had not been rent at that time. The death burial and resurrection of Christ had not occurred. Thus not under new Testament salvation. God on the cross took a God action just like he did with Enoch and this event should not be used as a New Testament example of how one is to be saved.

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