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You are right, Andrew. In fact, the entire concept of presenting the Gospel as if it were a formula that begins with a static number of verses from one place in the Bible and then concludes with a prayer for salvation is not found in Scripture. First of all, God is the One who leads the person to salvation through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The faithful witness scatters the seed and waters it, but he doesn’t pull out a heat lamp and a quick-grow formula to try to do the job for God. (Mark 4:26-28)

I was pressured into a false conversion (see “Lost on the Roman Road” and “I Was Adopted Twice” at and was without true peace for decades until I simply trusted the work that Jesus accomplished for me on the cross. I deeply regret later counselling several people with that same Roman Road formula, and I pray that God sent someone with the true Gospel after I pushed them into praying a prayer. Please examine why this is an unscriptural system that leaves many people lost because they are trusting their own works—a prayer, their tears, their walk up an aisle, etc. Some people are truly saved by looking to Christ, but many are not—as is demonstrated by their return to their old, unholy lifestyles.

ME Hess

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