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Submitted by Rob on  Sat, 03/30/2013 - 07:36

Speaking from personal experience, the shift from seeing everything through an inherited theological framework to listening and wrestling with the biblical texts in their raw narrative-historical state is a conversion of sorts. Before this “conversion” it is really is hard to see things any other way than what has been handed down to us and we are used to. Now, having “converted” (thanks to reading the works of people like Tom Wright and Andrew Perriman) I can’t not see the narrative- historical contingency of the biblical texts and the nature and limit of their theological claims.

This “conversion” takes time, but the more I looked at the biblical texts with my new narrative-historical lenses the easier it became to understand them in that context and the harder it was to read into them anachronistic theological claims from centuries later. 

Nowadays, there isn’t much Andrew says on this blog about a  narrative-historical interpretation of the biblical text that can shock me — though sometimes he comes close! ;-)

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