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This is just an interlude for those seeking a comfort break from the white-hot heat of theological exchange which this thread is generating.

Jaco is a very personable young man, who comes across well on the video links provided. I’d love to listen to his recorded lecture on Psalm 110, but my connection can’t cope with the size of the file, and keeps buffering every 10 seconds. Psalm 110 was the subject of a difference between us ages ago, and I think Jaco argues it cogently, even though I disagree with him. I contented myself with the interview instead. I wouldn’t like to be in public debate with him. I’d get skewered.

I am always more interested in the persons behind the arguments than the arguments themselves, however important the arguments may be. (Same goes for Andrew). Jaco and I have debated before, very courteously, and he has a better mind and scholarship than mine, even though I still think he’s wrong!

I wonder whether Jaco’s personal journey from a Dutch Reformed background through to being a Jehovah’s Witness and then onwards has gone far enough, and whether it will lead further. I wonder if Jaco needs to look further into the Reformed faith which his mother taught him. I hope this doesn’t sound patronising. People get like this when they reach their sixties, and are usually tolerated with polite indifference!

Anyway, the bell signalling the end of the interval is sounding, so we return to our seats for the rest of the performance. Now, where’s my programme?

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