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Seriously? Coronavirus is a dress rehearsal for persecution of the American church?

Phil L. → Rogier Bos: Yes. I think privileged
Samuel Conner → Phil L.: The thought has occurred to
Rogier Bos → Phil L.: When you come from a place of
Andrew → Phil L.: That’s a helpful analysis. I

The message of the Bible in one sentence

Review: John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ

Andrew → Scott: Yes, the lack of vision is

What’s wrong with the “Romans Road” to salvation?

Andrew → ME Hess: Thank you for this.

This changes everything

Andrew → Greg Logan: Greg, it seems to me that it
Greg Logan: Andrew

Why did Jesus tell his disciples to take swords with them?

Matthew → Phil L.: Thanks. It is definitely a
Andrew → Matthew: I presume the instruction
Phil L. → Matthew: Hey Matthew.
Scott → Phil L.: Phil, thanks for the

From theology to history: Oliver Crisp on the temptations of the Christ

Marc Taylor → Elaine: The Trinity was believed by

My problem with divine identity christologies: Hays, Bauckham, Wright

Marc Taylor → William J Schlegel: Paul knew that only God is
William J Schlegel: Anyone who thinks that Paul
Greg Logan → Jaco van Zyl: Jaco