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Pyromaniacs and the debate over cultural engagement

A biography of the Bible and the loss of peace

Andrew → Jim Hoag: Jim, thanks. I suggested on
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Real theological thinking

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The kingdom of God as a means to an end

paulf → Andrew: What Jesus foresaw was a
Andrew → paulf: Agreed. Jesus did not think
Andrew → paulf: Well, we certainly diverge,
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You were going good

What is a missional church? And why I think Mark Driscoll is wrong

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Response to Benjamin Burch on McLaren, Emergent, and The Coming of the Son of Man

peter wilkinson → Andrew: Yes, I missed the point
Andrew → peter wilkinson: How different was
peter wilkinson → Andrew: Just a few comments on some
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Rewriting the debate: resurrection and Romans

Andrew → Hilary : Apart from the very unclear
Andrew → Hilary : I thought we were talking
John → Andrew: Paul traces it back to
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Trinitarian theology and mission

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God wants to bless you! Or does he?

John → Andrew: The church in the New

Bring back doctrine, all is forgiven

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The narrative premise of a post-Christendom theology

Straws in the wind: why the emerging church still matters

John → Andrew: dismissed it as being
Andrew → Michael Thompson: Others may see it
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Islam in America and the end of Christendom

peter wilkinson → Andrew: An item in last week’s New