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Seriously? Coronavirus is a dress rehearsal for persecution of the American church?

Marc Taylor → Phil L.: You cannot prohibit the free
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: They were only prohibited
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: The ones in orange were the
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: The article you cited neither
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: There were regulations……this
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: There is no regulation that
Phil L. → Samuel Conner: Step into the furball!
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: You wrote: Please supply me
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: Ok, but your car example is
Marc Taylor → Samuel Conner: There is an inherent risk for
Samuel Conner → Samuel Conner: WIthout stepping in the to
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: Then we should ban the use of
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: No modern weapon is an “arm”
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: It is an American government
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: Whether or not they have the
Andrew → Marc Taylor: It’s at most an infringement
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: Repet your question please.
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: You didn’t answer my question
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: I have not seen the number
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: No, abortion clinics are not
Andrew → Marc Taylor: It’s interesting that you
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: Abortion offices are
Andrew → Phil L.: Yes, there’s a legitimate
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: Abortion offices are not a
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: It is Christian persecution
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: If something applies equally
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: It is persecution because if