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Come out of her, my people…

Andrew → Kent Haley: That’s difficult to answer
Andrew → Samuel Conner: Alone in the wilderness is
Kent Haley: Interesting…

Biblical scholar says that COVID-19 is not an “act of God”. Is he right?

Andrew → Ted Hopkins: Thanks, Ted. I appreciate
Andrew → Stephen Dintaman: Very well said. Thank you.
Andrew → JE: Indeed it is.

Answers to questions about the narrative-historical method

Phil L.: I started:
Andrew → Phil L.: Thanks for this, Phil. Some
Andrew → Samuel Conner: I try not to think about it
Andrew → Scott: Sadly not.

All the world’s the stage: a narrative-historical revision of Wright’s five act play hermeneutic

Scot McKnight, Matthew Bates, and Greg Gilbert on the gospel

Andrew → Kent Haley: Not Scot. I hear from Matthew
Kent Haley: Andrew,

The gospel is changing, but there’s still some way to go