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Transmillennialism™ 2 Jan. 2004
The Coming of the Son of Man 14 Dec. 2005
The way of life and the way of death 23 Apr. 2007
Not peace but a sword 4 Oct. 2007
Eschatology, Anabaptism, and the end of Christendom 30 Jan. 2008
What can an emerging theology learn from preterism? 4 Sep. 2008
Narrative-realism, Preterism, and the relevance of scripture 14 Nov. 2008
No, it's not all about AD 70 24 Apr. 2009
Is that third horizon just a mirage? 12 May. 2009
On Transmillennialism and Kevin Beck's This Book Will Change Your World 26 May. 2009
The future of the New Testament and the Sibylline Oracles 11 Sep. 2009
Jesus and the Hell Houses 31 Oct. 2009
Jew first, then Greek in Campbell’s The Deliverance of God 10 Nov. 2009
Are those being saved few? 16 Nov. 2009
The death of James and the coming of the Son of man 23 Nov. 2009
Did St. Paul Go to Heaven When He Died? Reconciling Bockmuehl and Wright... 28 Apr. 2010
In self-defence 8 Jul. 2010
Will preaching the gospel to all the nations trigger the end? 11 Jul. 2010
Dunn, Hurtado, and the worship of Jesus 25 Jul. 2010
Does the emerging church really have a problem with a final judgment? 29 Jul. 2010
Response to Benjamin Burch on McLaren, Emergent, and The Coming of the Son of Man 24 Aug. 2010
The destruction of the temple and the end of the world 1 Oct. 2010
How many times is a prophecy fulfilled? 8 Oct. 2010
The parables of delay and the question of dual fulfilment 9 Oct. 2010
The symbolism of the Son of man coming on the clouds and the meaning of kingdom 12 Oct. 2010
Why I don't like systematic theologies: the problem of hell 14 Oct. 2010
Sonship and suffering at the heart of Romans 23 Oct. 2010
The community of the Beatitudes and the restoration of creation 24 Oct. 2010
How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land? 27 Oct. 2010
Resurrection, rapture and relevance 2 Nov. 2010
Daniel Kirk on Mark 13 5 Nov. 2010
Douglas Campbell and the wrath of God 8 Nov. 2010
Review of The Coming of the Son of Man 11 Nov. 2010
The prophetic relationship of the people of God to the “land” 13 Nov. 2010
Seeing Differently (and Daniel Kirk's review of The Future of the People of God) 2 Dec. 2010
On earth as it is in heaven 8 Dec. 2010
The problem of Constantine: it depends on your point of view 10 Dec. 2010
Scot McKnight: review of the interview about the book 14 Dec. 2010
Jesus, Paul, and emergents’ anxieties about the wrath of God 13 Jan. 2011
The inheritance of the world: Paul and the happy-ever-after 17 Jan. 2011


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