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“A woman sitting on a scarlet beast”—who is the woman? what is the beast? 14 Jan. 2016
If the means are political, so is the end: Wright and the Jewish message of Paul 19 Jan. 2016
Babylon the great: all intertextual roads lead to Rome 25 Jan. 2016
Yeah, but it didn’t happen: prophecy and historical fulfilment 26 Jan. 2016
Putting the apocalyptic back in apologetics 2 Feb. 2016
Can we believe what Mark believed about the coming of the Son of Man? 11 Feb. 2016
The Son of Man sayings and the horizons of New Testament eschatology 13 Feb. 2016
The flood, Sodom, and the end of the world 17 Feb. 2016
Schweitzer gets redemption and eschatology half right 18 Feb. 2016
Two unconventional ways of thinking about the delay of the parousia 19 Feb. 2016
Judge of the living and the dead 22 Feb. 2016
Heaven and the apocalyptic narrative 1 Mar. 2016
Apocalyptic-Inflationism and new creation 27 May. 2016
Craig Keener and the fallacy of mutual submission 6 Jun. 2016
Is suffering part of God’s plan for us? 21 Jun. 2016
N.T. Wright and Paul’s eschatology (with coloured beads) 29 Jun. 2016
16 reasons to think that the “age to come” is now and in history 30 Jun. 2016
Double Post-Tribulational Pre-Amillennialism 4 Jul. 2016
Who is Daniel’s son of man? 21 Jul. 2016
Daniel’s Son of Man is not the Messiah—he’s just a very naughty symbol* 19 Aug. 2016
Greg Beale’s multi-storied new-creational kingdom theology 23 Aug. 2016
Discipleship and the eschatological narrative of 1 Corinthians 30 Aug. 2016
Justice, justification, Jesus, Jerusalem, and the hell of fire 27 Sep. 2016
What role do the “firstfruits” play in New Testament eschatology? 4 Oct. 2016
Why I don’t like being labelled a “preterist” 6 Oct. 2016
Getting saved in the Gospels 11 Oct. 2016
John the Baptist and the wrath to come 13 Oct. 2016
Paul’s parable of the olive tree 24 Oct. 2016
The rider on the white horse and the war against the beast and the kings of the earth 4 Nov. 2016
Jesus is Lord (still) 7 Nov. 2016
Two questions about “hell” 23 Nov. 2016
The biblical argument about salvation (my soteriology) 29 Nov. 2016
Celibacy, marriage, and the end of the age 12 Dec. 2016
Larry Hurtado’s (non-apocalyptic) Destroyer of the gods 12 Jan. 2017
16 reasons for thinking that the conversion of the empire was at the heart of New Testament eschatology 18 Jan. 2017
Modern Israel in narrative-historical perspective 25 Jan. 2017
Jesus’ parable of the wicked tenants: an exercise in narrative-historical hermeneutics 6 Apr. 2017
Salvation By Allegiance Alone (4): the best bit so far 27 Apr. 2017
Ascension Day and the Coming of the Son of Man 26 May. 2017
What “horizon” do we have to live for? 9 Jun. 2017


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