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What “horizon” do we have to live for? 9 Jun. 2017
What happens to us after death? 20 Jun. 2017
On the mortality of the soul 22 Jun. 2017
How does Paul fill up what is lacking of Christ’s sufferings? 11 Jul. 2017
Trump vs. Kim: what does Jesus have to say about it? 10 Aug. 2017
Not all who say, “Lord, Lord”, know what they’re talking about 22 Aug. 2017
Who was/is Jesus? 29 Aug. 2017
Biblical narrative, missional context, and same-sex sexual relations all in the same breath 19 Sep. 2017
Postost-millennialism, or the end of eschatology as we know it 25 Sep. 2017
What took us so long? G.B. Caird on the historical Jesus 2 Oct. 2017
Jesus and the restoration of Israel according to Matthew 9 Oct. 2017
Just to be clear, I am neither a Preterist nor a Unitarian 12 Oct. 2017
Did Jesus believe that Gentiles would be included in the renewed people of God? 17 Oct. 2017
Son of Man: title, self-reference, or narrative? 23 Oct. 2017
Dale Allison on Jesus and the end of the world (or not) 2 Nov. 2017
Signs in the heavens and distress on earth 7 Nov. 2017
21 reasons why the coming of the kingdom of God was not the end of the world 14 Nov. 2017
Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: the eschatology of Isaiah 60-66 17 Nov. 2017
The “historical” Jesus is anything but gentle, meek and mild 1 Dec. 2017
Do not lead us into temptation: a mistranslation according to the Pope 8 Dec. 2017
Unbelievable? Was Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet? Matthew Hartke & Andrew Perriman 9 Dec. 2017
Should we “water down” the doctrine of the Second Coming? 9 Jan. 2018
The doctrine of the Second Coming and the restoration of the kingdom to Israel 10 Jan. 2018
I said you are gods… 24 Jan. 2018
Peter Leithart on the “Christendom model” of church-state relations 1 Feb. 2018
The marriage of the Lamb and his Bride and the not-so-happy-ever-after 28 Feb. 2018
7 things you need to know about the kingdom of God 7 Mar. 2018
Why we should contain rather than extinguish the fires of hell 14 Mar. 2018
Did Jesus promise to return within the lifetime of his disciples? 20 Mar. 2018
The argument against annihilationism 27 Mar. 2018
The resurrection of Jesus and the theological fiction of “redemptive history” 30 Mar. 2018
Yet another attempt to persuade the world that Tim Keller is wrong about hell 4 Apr. 2018
The subversion of the Jewish “hell” in the teaching of Jesus 10 Apr. 2018
The tongue is set on fire by Gehenna 13 Apr. 2018
Nearly 10 essential things to know about Paul’s letter to the Romans 18 Apr. 2018
Who are the Gentiles who have the work of the Law written on their hearts? 24 Apr. 2018
What does Paul mean by “The righteous shall live by faith”? 27 Apr. 2018
Death is swallowed up in victory. What? When? And has he misread the scriptures? 30 Apr. 2018
The violence of Jesus in the temple: setting a bad example 3 May. 2018
Did Jesus avoid proclaiming a “day of vengeance” against Israel in the synagogue in Nazareth? 4 May. 2018


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