Oops, mustn’t forget it’s Pentecost Sunday this weekend

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With the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in full swing here in the UK, it’s easy to forget that it’s Pentecost Sunday this weekend. To compensate for the oversight and to make sure that the narrative-historical perspective doesn’t get neglected, here is a series of seven posts that I did ten years ago on the theme of the Holy Spirit. It looks like a couple more might be needed—on the gifts of the Spirit in the church, perhaps, and the Spirit in Revelation? Anything else?

The Holy Spirit 1: Conceived by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit 2: He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire

The Holy Spirit 3: This is my beloved Son

The Holy Spirit 4: The Spirit given to the servant of YHWH

The Holy Spirit 5: The eschatological significance of Pentecost

The Holy Spirit 6: The power to speak with boldness

The Holy Spirit 7: The Gentiles get in on the action