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Why Romans 8 should not make you a Calvinist

Samuel Conner Thank you for this; it is helpful (troubling to great numbers of the theological tribe I used to inhabit, but IMO very helpful). Question: can one find in this view a coherent interpretation of... (19 February, 2020 - 21:46)
Phil L. I was raised in the exact same tiny denomination as the article author, and the Dr. Forlines he quotes was one of my professors. I also “converted” to Calvinism. It was a real trip down memory lane... (19 February, 2020 - 20:16)

Did Paul know anything about “homosexuality”?

peter wilkinson replied to Andrew Your points are noted, but I’d just add: 1. If a mob is standing outside the house demanding to “know” the visitors, apart from a possible play on words (“know” as in “know who they are”), the... (19 February, 2020 - 17:12)
Andrew replied to peter wilkinson 1. I would need to go and look at Davidson’s argument again, but his point, I think, is that “knowing” in this sexual sense is so widely used of heterosexual intercourse that it associates the demand... (18 February, 2020 - 18:42)
Andrew replied to peter wilkinson Thank you for this. Much appreciated. (18 February, 2020 - 18:00)
peter wilkinson 2 Kings 23:7 - the KJV translates asherah as “grove”. It might more accurately be translated “image”, in which case the image might well be located in the temple itself, to which the women took their... (16 February, 2020 - 09:17)
peter wilkinson So I’ve just finished the book with Andrew’s introduction and rolling-out of his vision of a post eschatological landscape, perhaps more akin to a Shakespearian history play in three... (15 February, 2020 - 22:07)
peter wilkinson I had intended to make comments on “End of Story” in bite-sized portions, in some real-time responses as I worked my way through the book. I think I will need to press on to read the whole book... (15 February, 2020 - 15:11)
Phil L. replied to peter wilkinson The non-partisan approach coupled with all the research was really good. After I read it, I was like, “Well, no matter which side you take, your case is going to get stronger after this.” (14 February, 2020 - 22:47)
peter wilkinson (First thoughts on “End of Story” as far as the detailed look at the biblical texts up to Leviticus 18 and 20, including Deut 22:13-16, 23:17;1 Kgs 15 and 22. I’m really very sorry this has got... (14 February, 2020 - 21:45)
peter wilkinson replied to Andrew I’ve ordered a kindle version of the book, cheered by having been charged at a discounted rate to the headline price. I need to be convinced about the biblical texts, as well as the proposed... (14 February, 2020 - 16:16)
Andrew replied to peter wilkinson From what I have read, there was a strong enough association between effeminacy and sexual practice in the public mind to think that there is a suggestive overlap between the two terms. Pederasty... (14 February, 2020 - 15:32)
peter wilkinson replied to Andrew The talk was well received, thank you. It wasn’t an attempt to provied an alternative scriptural interpretation as a foundation for supporting equal marriage, but an account of a continuing... (14 February, 2020 - 04:35)
Andrew replied to peter wilkinson How did the talk go? I got the impression (evidence in the book) that malakos was used quite commonly to refer to effeminacy in men, and certainly there is evidence that Jews (though not only Jews)... (13 February, 2020 - 16:25)
peter wilkinson This is of some interest to me, as I am speaking at a Christian LGBT+ group in Southampton this evening. You argue that Paul views same-sex behaviour within an eschatological framework which was... (12 February, 2020 - 16:36)
Andrew replied to Samuel Conner The first question is an awkward one. I tend to think of it in terms of the sort of distinction that Jesus makes between those who are included and those who are excluded, who find themselves in... (29 January, 2020 - 15:10)
Samuel Conner Thanks for this. I think that I had better get the book; in my context, this is a highly polarizing subject and the way that one of the poles talks about this is contributing to its alienation from “... (29 January, 2020 - 14:51)
Leonie As always, interesting analysis. This follows well after listening to a talk by Megan De Franza on a similar topic. (29 January, 2020 - 06:00)

Why the early church failed to fulfil the mission of Jesus

Samuel Conner replied to Andrew This may be controversial, but it appears to me that Jesus allowed his followers (and people beyond the identified “disciples”) to project their hopes onto him. Sometimes he slapped them down (Lk 9:... (6 February, 2020 - 20:00)
Andrew replied to Samuel Conner All good thoughts. You’re ranging well beyond the scope of the New Testament narrative, obviously, but it’s good to bring real historical possibilities into view.I agree that there has to... (6 February, 2020 - 17:53)
Samuel Conner Perhaps a significant part of the mission of the Apostles (“going through the towns of Israel before the coming of the son of man”) was to recruit further people away from the militant nationalist... (6 February, 2020 - 17:33)

Why did Jesus instruct his disciples not to preach the kingdom of God to Gentiles and Samaritans?

Andrew replied to Thomas W Bergere Very funny, though I don’t think it’s unhistorical to assume that there was little love lost between Jews and Samaritans at the time. This must have happened while Jesus was growing up:As... (28 January, 2020 - 17:21)
Thomas W Bergere From reading the four gospels; it is obvious, Jesus was a racist and only cared for the 144,000 Jews that will go to heaven. I mean a good samaritan? If you can imagine such a thing, lol! (28 January, 2020 - 15:16)

Who calmed the storm and why?

james replied to peter wilkinson ” I think that the fear of the disciples was very reasonable, whichever way you look at it! They knew the lake/sea, and how dangerous the sudden storms were. On the other hand, they saw how... (25 January, 2020 - 02:37)
Stephen L. replied to peter wilkinson I appreciate your question. I believe Jesus took on flesh to show us how to live in ours, and to set a living example of what Children of God are capable of when living in unity with the Trinity. I... (25 January, 2020 - 00:51)
Andrew replied to Samuel Conner I suppose we could say that the disciples respond naïvely to the calming of the storm, but “rebuked” also conveys authority, doesn’t it? How much of this is Matthew’s dramatic method?Your... (24 January, 2020 - 21:30)

Twelve important things to keep in mind about the Christmas stories

Marc Taylor replied to Andrew Sanctifying God in our hearts would encompass prayer. If a person always refuses to pray to God then He is not being sanctfified in their heart. Furthermore, Peter applies YHWH of Isaiah 8:13 unto... (24 January, 2020 - 23:58)
Marc Taylor replied to Andrew Remember Andrew, all there has to be is just one example in the Bible where the Lord Jesus is the proper recipient of prayer and this will prove that He is God. If you (and others) can’t... (24 January, 2020 - 23:49)
Andrew replied to Marc Taylor The problem, Marc, is that we seem to operate by different rules of interpretation, which makes it almost impossible to understand each other. I’ve just had a look back over this post on talking to... (24 January, 2020 - 21:28)
Marc Taylor replied to james 1. Since you are not a Catholic then don’t refer to their false theology concerning prayer. 2. Stephen did pray to the Lord Jesus in Acts 7:59. Once again see this: a. Frederick Danker: Just... (24 January, 2020 - 20:10)