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Kingdom of God

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Why did Jesus instruct his disciples not to preach the kingdom of God to Gentiles and Samaritans? 18 May. 2015
Why does Jesus give the kingdom back in the end and become subject again to God? 23 May. 2014
The kingdom of God is in the midst of you. Or is it? 20 Jul. 2012
The symbolism of the Son of man coming on the clouds and the meaning of kingdom 12 Oct. 2010
Tom Wright on religion and politics: the beginning and end of theocracy 27 Oct. 2015
The kingdom of God: not ‘now and not yet’ 11 Jul. 2010
What does it mean to be “born again”? 24 Sep. 2012
What is the basis for the mission to the Gentiles? 8 Feb. 2013
It is not our job to extend the kingdom 8 Aug. 2014
More questions about the kingdom of God 11 Jun. 2011
Why did the risen Jesus send the apostles out to make disciples of all nations? 30 Oct. 2014
Was Jesus' kingdom spiritual or physical? No. 17 Jul. 2012
Does the King Jesus gospel breed historical complacency? 30 Apr. 2012
Scot McKnight and Jesus' vision for Israel 10 Feb. 2011
There are two Trinities in the New Testament and they are not the immanent and economic Trinities 6 Mar. 2014
The subordination of the Son, and why it has nothing to do with gender 9 Jun. 2016
Why I disagree with Tom Wright about the triumphal entry and divine kingship 29 Jan. 2012
The kingdom of God as a means to an end 20 Aug. 2010
Plotting the kingdom: now and not yet and not like that 23 Apr. 2014
Where Witherington finds Wright least convincing 10 Sep. 2015
The keys to the kingdom of heaven 9 Feb. 2012
Scot McKnight and the completion of Israel's story 7 Dec. 2010
Kingdom texts that don’t fit the paradigm? 10 Sep. 2014
Origen, Jesus, and the kingdoms of the world (in narrative-historical perspective) 6 Jun. 2014
Don Carson, kingdom, ethics and individual salvation 16 Aug. 2013
New creation and the kingdom of God 18 Feb. 2008
The coming of a ‘new world order’: why Jesus wasn’t wrong 13 Jul. 2010
NT Wright and the confusion of kingdom and new creation 12 Feb. 2008
Tom Wright, the return of Jesus, and the failure of history 6 Feb. 2012
The stone rejected by the builders 4 May. 2007
The book of Acts as political-religious narrative 16 May. 2014
The kingdom of heaven and the men of violence 22 Jul. 2012
7 things you need to know about the kingdom of God 7 Mar. 2018
The good news of a different future 12 Dec. 2013
The parables: Jesus was just being obtuse 11 Jan. 2013
The kingdom of God: a down-to-earth explanation 9 Mar. 2015
Did Jesus believe that Gentiles would be included in the renewed people of God? 17 Oct. 2017
Wishing you all a happy and revolutionary Christmas! 22 Dec. 2015
Sweet and Viola’s a-historical kingdom of God 7 Dec. 2012
Is “kingdom” in the New Testament the same as “kingdom” in the Old Testament? 28 Nov. 2017


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