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Review: God and the Pandemic: Tom Wright’s myopic theological response to coronavirus

Andrew → Kevin Holtsberry: Very provocative. Thanks. I

Review: Walter Brueggemann, Virus as a Summons to Faith: Biblical Reflections in a Time of Loss, Grief, and Uncertainty

Andrew → Tim Peebles: Thanks for this, Tim.
Tim Peebles: Thanks for engaging

Review: John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ

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Andrew Scholes → Andrew Scholes: ….and I guess my thinking is
Andrew → Andrew J Scholes: OK, agreed. It’s an
Andrew J Scholes: Thanks for the stimulating

Some rough and ready “rules” for doing a narrative-historical reading of the New Testament

Michael Hays → cherylu: Yes, Genesis 1 is the

Seriously? Coronavirus is a dress rehearsal for persecution of the American church?

Phil L. → Samuel Conner: Yes, that’s another big
Marc Taylor → Samuel Conner: Good luck with bowing to the
Samuel Conner → Marc Taylor: I think that you consistently
Marc Taylor → Samuel Conner: Then no one should drive
Samuel Conner → Phil L.: Another Pauline admonition
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: Being driven away falls under
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: Well, right now, the
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: I already supplied the link
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: How is it not persecution
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: But the Constitution says
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: Because it is murder.
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: Why isn’t it persecution?
Marc Taylor → Phil L.: No.
Phil L. → Marc Taylor: If your religion teaches that