Posts about “missional church”

I’ve made this list available because I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on “missional church” recently with Communitas and King’s School of Theology here in the UK. The basic thesis that I want to develop and test is that a narrative-historical reading of the Bible also helps us to frame the task of the church in the West after Christendom.

What is “missional church”? For my purposes it is the “indigenous” Western church, the direct heir to Christendom, the remnant of the Christendom church, in crisis mode, as it self-consciously and deliberately gets to grips with the task of recovery, renewal, and reorientation in the face of the rise of secular-humanism and the dawn of the Anthropocene.

We had an interesting session on the gifts of the Spirit last night in Harlesden. Many in the church are from a charismatic background but seemed wary about pursuing the conversation. One young woman put the choice rather starkly—she could spend her time praying that someone’s back-ache would… (28 May 2014 | 10 comments)
Steven Opp is an evangelist. Remarkably, he has read my book The Future of the People of God—I imagine he is the only “evangelist” to have done so—and he wants to know whether the narrative-historical reading of Romans can be reconciled with traditional approaches to evangelism: I… (25 May 2012 | 49 comments)