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Jesus and the restoration of Israel according to Matthew 9 Oct. 2017
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The doctrine of the Second Coming and the restoration of the kingdom to Israel 10 Jan. 2018
Jesus, Paul, and emergents’ anxieties about the wrath of God 13 Jan. 2011
Greg Beale’s multi-storied new-creational kingdom theology 23 Aug. 2016
Who or what will see the Son of Man coming in clouds? And where? 18 Nov. 2013
Douglas Campbell and the wrath of God 8 Nov. 2010
1 Thessalonians: a document of eschatological formation 2 Oct. 2013
The medium of En-dor and the question of life after death 30 Sep. 2011
The rich man, Lazarus and Abraham 6 Mar. 2015
Postost-millennialism, or the end of eschatology as we know it 25 Sep. 2017
Dunn, Hurtado, and the worship of Jesus 25 Jul. 2010
Why I don’t like being labelled a “preterist” 6 Oct. 2016
I said you are gods… 24 Jan. 2018
Resurrection, judgment, and sexual immorality 27 Mar. 2015
Empire and the completion of Israel's story 9 Nov. 2011
The angels in Tartarus 3 Oct. 2011
More on the justification of Gentiles who do good works 23 May. 2012
The restoration of the kingdom to Israel 11 Mar. 2012
When prophecy fails: why do people always assume that Jesus got it wrong? 16 Mar. 2013
Review: Richard Horsley, The Prophet Jesus and the Renewal of Israel (part 1) 21 Jan. 2013
Jesus as judge of the living and the dead in the Apostolic Fathers 14 Jan. 2013
Did Jesus avoid proclaiming a “day of vengeance” against Israel in the synagogue in Nazareth? 4 May. 2018
How Paul saw the future 14 Oct. 2013
Theosis and the supposedly cruciform God 15 Oct. 2015
The good news of a different future 12 Dec. 2013
Violent Jesus vs. non-violent Jesus. And the winner is...? 22 Nov. 2013
Is suffering part of God’s plan for us? 21 Jun. 2016
Why I believe in the rapture 9 Oct. 2014
Salvation by faith, judgment by works, and the theological captivity of ideas 13 Oct. 2015
Did Jesus promise to return within the lifetime of his disciples? 20 Mar. 2018
The biblical argument about salvation (my soteriology) 29 Nov. 2016
Peter Leithart: Christian Empire, Christian Mission 25 Jan. 2011
Biblical narrative, missional context, and same-sex sexual relations all in the same breath 19 Sep. 2017


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