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Salvation by faith, judgment by works, and the theological captivity of ideas 13 Oct. 2015
Which way did he go? The coming of the Son of Man and the theology of crisis 7 Jul. 2011
Ethnocentrism, universalism, and new creation: an overstated salvation-historical paradigm 23 Feb. 2015
The meek shall inherit the world: an exercise in historical restraint 2 Apr. 2014
From the River to the ends of the earth: Jesus and empire 4 Dec. 2013
What role do the “firstfruits” play in New Testament eschatology? 4 Oct. 2016
Peter Leithart: Christian Empire, Christian Mission 25 Jan. 2011
Jew first, then Greek in Campbell’s The Deliverance of God 10 Nov. 2009
Chosen before the foundation of the world 2 May. 2011
Should we “water down” the doctrine of the Second Coming? 9 Jan. 2018
Putting the apocalyptic back in apologetics 2 Feb. 2016
Gender and headship in eschatological perspective 17 Mar. 2014
7 things you need to know about the kingdom of God 7 Mar. 2018
Hell on earth and the problems of evangelical dualism (among other things) 3 Jun. 2011
Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: the eschatology of Isaiah 60-66 17 Nov. 2017
Babylon the great: all intertextual roads lead to Rome 25 Jan. 2016
The problem of Constantine: it depends on your point of view 10 Dec. 2010
The proclamation of the gospel is the “narration of past history” (Hengel) 3 Mar. 2015
Daniel Meeter: Why Be A Christian (If No One Goes to Hell)? 30 Oct. 2012
The argument of Galatians: justification by faith in a new future 19 Mar. 2015
Did Jesus believe that Gentiles would be included in the renewed people of God? 17 Oct. 2017
An instructive parallel to the sheep and goats judgment 27 Nov. 2015
What happens to us after death? 20 Jun. 2017
Not peace but a sword 4 Oct. 2007
The inheritance of the world: Paul and the happy-ever-after 17 Jan. 2011
Robert Stein: Jesus, the Temple and the Coming of the Son of Man 4 Jan. 2015
Deeper into the doctrine of the second coming of Jesus 16 Sep. 2015
Free e-commentary from Robert Gundry (and the clash between Christ and Caesar) 8 Jan. 2012
I came to cast a fire on the earth 12 Jun. 2011
The Gospel of Matthew and the horizon of the early church 21 Mar. 2014
The Son of Man sayings and the horizons of New Testament eschatology 13 Feb. 2016
Who says that this prophecy has two referents? 20 Aug. 2015
Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? 18 Dec. 2015
Response to Benjamin Burch on McLaren, Emergent, and The Coming of the Son of Man 24 Aug. 2010
Apocalyptic-Inflationism and new creation 27 May. 2016
He is near, at the doors 9 Apr. 2013
Seeing Differently (and Daniel Kirk's review of The Future of the People of God) 2 Dec. 2010
Death is swallowed up in victory. What? When? And has he misread the scriptures? 30 Apr. 2018
The glory of the builder of the house 30 Dec. 2014
Review: Richard Horsley, The Prophet Jesus and the Renewal of Israel (part 2) 26 Jan. 2013


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