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Jesus’ protest in the temple 1 Jul. 2014
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Lead us not into temptation 3 Nov. 2015
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Assessing Dick France’s argument about the parousia of the Son of Man in Matthew 7 May. 2014
Larry Hurtado’s (non-apocalyptic) Destroyer of the gods 12 Jan. 2017
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Trump vs. Kim: what does Jesus have to say about it? 10 Aug. 2017
If the means are political, so is the end: Wright and the Jewish message of Paul 19 Jan. 2016
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Modern Israel in narrative-historical perspective 25 Jan. 2017
The widow of Zarephath, Naaman the Syrian, and the redemption of the world 19 Aug. 2015
In self-defence 8 Jul. 2010
Death is swallowed up in victory. What? When? And has he misread the scriptures? 30 Apr. 2018
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The subversion of the Jewish “hell” in the teaching of Jesus 10 Apr. 2018
Yet another attempt to persuade the world that Tim Keller is wrong about hell 4 Apr. 2018


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