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Assessing Dick France’s argument about the parousia of the Son of Man in Matthew 7 May. 2014
The argument against annihilationism 27 Mar. 2018
The death of James and the coming of the Son of man 23 Nov. 2009
Why we should contain rather than extinguish the fires of hell 14 Mar. 2018
The widow of Zarephath, Naaman the Syrian, and the redemption of the world 19 Aug. 2015
Evangelical views of the resurrection 22 Oct. 2015
Eschatology, Anabaptism, and the end of Christendom 30 Jan. 2008
Sonship and suffering at the heart of Romans 23 Oct. 2010
More on the new Jerusalem in the midst of the nations 2 Nov. 2018
Lead us not into temptation 3 Nov. 2015
St Michael kicks the dragon out of heaven 11 Feb. 2015
Larry Hurtado’s (non-apocalyptic) Destroyer of the gods 12 Jan. 2017
Weiss and Schweitzer on the kingdom of God: right, right, right, wrong, and still wrong 28 Oct. 2014
Yet another attempt to persuade the world that Tim Keller is wrong about hell 4 Apr. 2018
The violence of Jesus in the temple: setting a bad example 3 May. 2018
Communities of God’s future 23 Jul. 2014
The resurrection of the just and the unjust in Daniel 12:2, and the horizons of New Testament eschatology 22 May. 2018
Trump vs. Kim: what does Jesus have to say about it? 10 Aug. 2017
Who will recline at table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven? 1 Feb. 2019
Scot McKnight: review of the interview about the book 14 Dec. 2010
Will there be gender inequality in the resurrection? 19 Mar. 2014
Why didn’t Jesus just come out and say it: God is going to punish you with violent destruction? 8 May. 2018
Unbelievable? Was Jesus a failed apocalyptic prophet? Matthew Hartke & Andrew Perriman 9 Dec. 2017
On Transmillennialism and Kevin Beck's This Book Will Change Your World 26 May. 2009
J. Richard Middleton on salvation and the restoration of all things 13 Aug. 2015
The future of the New Testament and the Sibylline Oracles 11 Sep. 2009
Trinity Sunday from the perspective of John in the throne room of God 12 Jun. 2019
Craig Keener and the fallacy of mutual submission 6 Jun. 2016
If the means are political, so is the end: Wright and the Jewish message of Paul 19 Jan. 2016
The tongue is set on fire by Gehenna 13 Apr. 2018
Summarising Romans again: from individuals to groups to apocalyptic narrative 13 Sep. 2019
The Anglican Church renounces renouncing the devil 14 Feb. 2015
Do not lead us into temptation: a mistranslation according to the Pope 8 Dec. 2017
Peter Leithart on the “Christendom model” of church-state relations 1 Feb. 2018
On the mortality of the soul 22 Jun. 2017
What happened to the resurrection of the wicked? 23 Sep. 2015
Just to be clear, I am neither a Preterist nor a Unitarian 12 Oct. 2017
Same-sex unions in eschatological perspective 28 Jan. 2015
What “horizon” do we have to live for? 9 Jun. 2017
Transmillennialism™ 2 Jan. 2004


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