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The resurrection of Jesus and the theological fiction of “redemptive history” 30 Mar. 2018
When the “restoration of all things” is not the restoration of all things 10 Apr. 2019
Celibacy, marriage, and the end of the age 12 Dec. 2016
Jesus is Lord (still) 7 Nov. 2016
What did it mean to “see” the coming of the Son of Man in clouds? 26 Jan. 2019
Jörg Frey’s critique of the neutralisation of apocalyptic in Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God 20 Jun. 2018
Daniel Kirk on Mark 13 5 Nov. 2010
Ignorance about the ignorance of the Son 14 Dec. 2018
Two unconventional ways of thinking about the delay of the parousia 19 Feb. 2016
When Jesus goes off message: the righteous will shine like the sun 1 Apr. 2019
Scot McKnight and Jesus’ ethic of the kingdom 18 Feb. 2011
The rider on the white horse and the war against the beast and the kings of the earth 4 Nov. 2016
(Re-)defining the kingdom of God in nine words 21 May. 2019
Signs in the heavens and distress on earth 7 Nov. 2017
Schweitzer gets redemption and eschatology half right 18 Feb. 2016
The Pope bowdlerizes the Lord’s Prayer 7 Jun. 2019
No, it's not all about AD 70 24 Apr. 2009
What happens on the “day of Christ”? Less than you might think 7 Nov. 2018
Does the historical interpretation of the parousia really make historical sense? 11 Jul. 2019
What sort of hope do we find in the New Testament? 14 Aug. 2019
The restoration of the kingdom to Israel: a summary 24 Jun. 2019
Does God intend all people to be saved? The universalism of David Bentley Hart 10 Sep. 2019
Why did Jesus say he would crush some to pieces? 16 Oct. 2018
Revelation and the “alter-empire” of Christ 6 Jun. 2019
Reimarus on the second coming of Jesus 1 Jul. 2019
Summarising Romans again: from individuals to groups to apocalyptic narrative 13 Sep. 2019


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