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Gospel and salvation

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What’s wrong with the “Romans Road” to salvation? 25 May. 2012
Why did Jesus instruct his disciples not to preach the kingdom of God to Gentiles and Samaritans? 18 May. 2015
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Atonement, without the theoretical nonsense 15 Jun. 2011
The lost and the unlost in the parable of the prodigal son 23 Feb. 2011
Does the gospel first appear in Genesis 3:15? 18 Jun. 2013
A new perspective on universalism and hell 16 Mar. 2011
The Gospel Coalition gets the gospel back to front 13 Jun. 2013
Whatever happened to the People of God? 29 May. 2011
Forgiveness of sins in the Gospels 28 Nov. 2012
Misinterpreting Jesus for the sake of the gospel: parables of a prodigal son 26 Nov. 2011
The gospel, the story of Israel, and personal salvation: no compromise 9 Jan. 2014
Jesus’ death as a propitiation for the sins of Israel 6 Apr. 2012
The Gentiles are saved by the salvation of Israel 19 Jun. 2011
What does it mean to be “born again”? 24 Sep. 2012
No other name by which we should be saved 12 Sep. 2012
Forgiveness and the wiped out document nailed to the cross 26 Nov. 2012
Scot McKnight and the gospel of King Jesus: halfway there 21 Sep. 2011
What is the benefit of Jesus’ death for the Gentiles? 14 Dec. 2012
God in Christ reconciling the world to himself is not really the gospel either... 18 Aug. 2014
Rob Bell, Justin Taylor, love fails, and the meaning of salvation 27 Feb. 2011
It is not our job to extend the kingdom 8 Aug. 2014
The narrative-historical reading of the New Testament: what's in it for me? Part 2 6 Jun. 2012
What must a person believe in order to be saved? 3 May. 2013
Three ways to fit the story of salvation into history 17 Aug. 2011
Righteous Gentiles and their justification by works 27 Mar. 2012
Evangelicalism, A new kind of 29 Mar. 2012
What is the good news that is announced in the New Testament? 16 May. 2010
Are those being saved few? 16 Nov. 2009
You are gods: Carl Mosser on theosis 9 Oct. 2015
As Good Friday approaches, it is time once again to insist that theories of the atonement are a waste of space 2 Apr. 2012
The election of Gentiles 27 Apr. 2011
Paul’s argument about the atonement of Israel in Romans 3-4 17 Jun. 2011
More on the salvation of Israel and the response of the nations 5 Jan. 2011
Rob Bell: What we don’t talk about when we talk about God 22 May. 2013
Gospel: a story in parts 23 Sep. 2011
Christ died for whose sins in accordance with the scriptures? 15 Jul. 2014
Christ became a servant of circumcision 30 Dec. 2010
Scot McKnight, Gospel Coalition, and how many "gospels" do we really need? 4 Nov. 2011
Wright and the rescue of creation 2 May. 2012


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